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The Whizometrical Society of Engineering (WSE) and the Society of Urometrical Engineering (SUE) have conducted extensive research into the art and science of Whizometry. Our research concludes:

Guys drink beer and have to pee. The Whizometer will give your male customers something entertaining. It’s just plain fun to finally know how fast you’re going.

Your male customers are not afraid to put their neck out. Ask your average guy “How fast are you going “ and the competition will start. They’ll be competing in your men’s room because of the Whizometer.

When guys do something entertaining, competitive, and fun that involves drinking beer, let’s face it, they usually stick around and they’re more likely to stay. Guys will always drink beer, now they’ll want to do it at your place.

Nobody likes to clean up around urinals. The Whizometer will provide your male customers with something to shoot for. They will pee in the urinal rather than on the floor. This will reduce cleanup, Urine control.


If size doesn’t matter what does?   Speed

Last updated 1JULY09