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Developing a successful Web site requires thinking strategically about a few key issues. First, determine the purpose of the site. For example, is it a public relations tool, an information clearinghouse, or a direct channel for selling products? Next, determine the target audience for the site. Select a style and tone of writing based on your purpose and audience. Be sure to use energetic language to catch your readers’ attention.

Previously printed brochures, newsletters, and other marketing materials are a great source of information for your site. Be sure to select material that is still relevant to your readers. A Web site can be ideal for displaying information typically hard for your customers or members to find. Consider looking at Web sites of competitors or similar organizations to spark ideas.

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Using graphics and photos can add vitality to your site. But keep in mind they require significantly more memory than text, which means they will take longer to download. When you’ve finished creating your site, run the Design Checker to make sure the site downloads quickly and to catch problems with page design.

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ONLY $49.99 + S&H




There are two ways to order your whizometer and Whizometer Merchendise.


      1) Mail in a check or money Order

                             (Click For Details)


      2) Paypal to use Credit Card

                                        (Click For Details)


With this purchase you will receive one Whizometer unit with mounting suction cups, a laminated “Above the urinal poster” that provides instructions on use (pictured below) and an owners manual.   Batteries not included.  1-2 weeks delivery.  Shipping and Handling is $9.99





                                                    Above the Urinal Poster



You can ALSO ORDER AND Above the urinal poster for $4.99 + $1.99 S&H

We Also Have T-Shirts for $14.99 + $3.99 S&H  (add $1.00 for XL)

We wont abuse any personal information you send us.  See our Privacy statement.

If you have any questions Email us: sales@twentyacorns.com


Bevel: Download Owners manual Here

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