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How Fast Ya Goin?

What is a Whizometer ?

The Whizometer is a revolutionary product that, placed in any standard urinal, accurately measures the speed of Peeing in Miles Per Hour.  Thereby, answering the question,

 How Fast Ya Goin?

Who needs a Whizometer ?

The Whizometer adds an element of competition and entertainment in the, typically mundane, act of "whizzing".  Bars, restaurants, Sporting arena, rest stops, university dormitories.... and any facility equipped with a standard urinal, can benefit from this product:

· Improves the cleanliness of your restroom

· Creates  lots of Competition and Conversation

· Entertains your customers


Give your male customers something to shoot for.  Give them a Whizometer.  Studies for public restrooms have shown that, when given a target, men instinctively aim at it.  The image of a black fly printed on the porcelain at the center of the urinals back wall at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam supposedly reduced spillage by 80 percent.  The Whizometer is going to help keep your restroom clean and will provide your customers much much more.  The Whizometer will put the fun back into peeing!

Joe has been pounding them for about two hours and decides it's time to break the seal.  As he stands and says to the bartender Sam, "I gotta piss like a race horse!"  Sam is smiling when he says "Prove it, a race horse goes about 45 MPH".  The competition will make them wonder.  It's going to make them laugh.

The Whizometer is a simple, high quality product that is inexpensive to operate.  It costs less than $0.05 a day.  There are merchandising and promotional opportunities.


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