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Subject: A Different Sector of Fire in Iraq



Send in your story or a photo with your top speed written in WMPH and we will post here!  Electronic mail: squirrel@twentyacorns.com




Whizo Goes To War

From: Derek 

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Subject: Re: whizometer

we got the whizometer a couple days ago.  sorry i didnt write to you sooner . on the lighter side, the whizometer is the talk of the patrol base.  i know of one person that had posted something on the website.  the highest score i have heard was 144.  it's getting plenty of use and there is always a line, even when the other urinal is open.  i am going to put a dry erase board above the toilet.  the only way someone can post a score is to have either a picture of the speed or a witness.  people are getting pretty competitive with it.  and we're all staying hydrated so we can go piss on something.  there have been many comments on how genius it is. thanks again for it, i will get you some pictures.  as soon as i can.  it's been a great way for all of us to take our minds off things. 

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Takin a whiz is a bit of a hassle on our patrol base.  When I finally dressed and scurried to the latrine; I was delighted and perplexed.  A speed-o meter in the urinal!?!? Genius!  I gave cyclic fire.  72 WMPH.  Not bad first time.  My ultimate goal...Fastest Whiz Kid on the PB.  I can see it now.  "It's him; the Urine Gun, the  Lazar Hazer, The Pee Freak". Yeah, we get bored here.  So thanks for toy.  You guys are true engineering Whizards



The Whiz Kid, Sgt CBV